Midtown Manhattan with the Technic 1200

I was fortunate to meet this photographer Andrea Fracarri as our sons were in the same class, he was the location scout, and had even gone as far as acquiring a permit to shoot in midtown. Of course on the day OF the shoot we were kicked out of every spot we tried to shoot in. Security issues… the fountain shot we got first after being curtly told to get outta there by the security guard… we pushed the boundaries and got that one of me striding along swinging my turntable cases (these are insanely heavy even when empty btw). From that afternoon we got 5 or  really cool shots and I got a great workout!

DJ Nicole Leone in full swing

thats me! its my blog do I use first person or second person when referring to myself? perhaps I’ll glide between both. My shoes black velvet with solid gold heel didnt offer much support for the heavy job at hand but they are kinda comfy and they’re a sold wedge, you can see them clearer in this pic where I’m hailing a taxi…

this instrument is heavy



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