My New New York Home

My New New York Home

what a wonderful world, after over 10 years DJ’ing all over NYC I end up joining Amy Sacco (of Bungalow 8 fame) & Bobby Rossi at No8NY and it feels like home! I even feel like a teenager talking about it Im that excited (i just cant hide it) and it only gets better, Ive been there 5 months & it still feels new & exciting. How can that be??? well its a members only club so unless you know the aforementioned or Disco you wont get in, the music format is classically incredibly as in – you wont hear this music anywhere else in the big apple. The interior is a divine wonderland & the sound system is booming, oh did I mention the service is outstanding & the staff are super efficient & sexy, I know it sounds like Im in love with the place – without a doubt. You will find me upstairs in the Rec Room (which is popping up everywhere, I recently opened the Miami location) every Saturday night & in the Ballroom on a week night. The Rec Room is like a 1970’s music studio with vintage sound devices & walls lined with vinyl, the Ballroom is lofty with large white leather booths, a massive chandelier & palm tree fronds lit up like a late night boudoir. Get at me for doorlist or if you know Disco then you already know….

I recently DJ’d Jamie Foxx’s birthday party in the Rec Room, he wanted to spin so I let him in the booth (of course) and he selected a couple of cool Prine songs then said “this is hard” yes Jamie that is correct…
I like how deadpan Marlon Wayans looks and how overly excited I look… you never know who will show up Ive spun for Sting, Barbara Streisand, QTip,Mary Louise Parker, Cristina Ricci… to name a few
and here I am lady in Red in the Rec Room, its so intimate youre likely to getta DJ hug

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