SAT 12 NO8This is the hottest club in Manhattan as a reincarnation of the infamous Bungalow 8 we have Amy Sacco and her team of nightlife experts running the show. Catering to the more exclusive end of the market this club is frequented by the likes of Prince, Lady Gaga, Sting, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Mary Louise Parker…. to name only a few. Their focus is on the artistry of the DJ in a sophisticated environment for grown ups to play in #itsnotreallifeitsnightlife . Its is a private club though so if you know Disco at the door or the infamous Lily, or Amy or Bobby or I you will be fine! Nestled in the heart of Chelsea’s nightlife next door to Tao and Dream Hotel, this 2 story club/lounge never fails to fully entertain. In the VIP upstairs (where the VVIP overlooks the room separated by a one way mirror) the walls are lined with LPS and 12″s courtesy of Uncle Mike who spins vinyl all night every Thursday. You will also find retro radio receivers and other classic music culture items around the wood paneled room that is so reminiscent of a 70’s lounge. And trust me, people here know how to have a great party. Find out!

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