Originating from Pukerua Bay, New Zealand. Dj Nicole Leone entertainer, artist developer & DJ now calls Brooklyn, New York home. She grew up in a large family of 6 siblings, music and dance (9 years of ballet training) was a major part of her life from a very young age.

Growing up in New Zealand roller skating was a big weekend attraction for school kids. The roller skating rink was the first time she experienced a DJ and was fascinated by how he could move the crowd.  She began making her first mix tapes at age 11 using a double cassette boom box and patiently waiting for her favorite songs to play on the radio.  She would then spend countless hours editing them in the order she chose.  This lead to her having boxes of cassettes, her siblings would ask her to make tapes for them she became the go to person for music in her household and amongst her friends.

As a teen with older brothers in tow Nicole had her first nightclub experience and was immediately enamored with the energy of the club experience created by the DJ and his selections.  At that moment she knew she had to become a DJ.  Later at age 19 Nicole was selected from hundreds of applicants for a job on a new radio station in the capital of NZ, Wellington called The Heat.   Soon thereafter she was recruited by Polygram Records to head up their National Promotions dept.  This job exposed her to the world of international touring artists and a broad range of music styles. This eventually lead to her working with the government funded NZ music program for New Zealand On Air, and independent record labels (Festival Records, Shock Records) and eventually lead to a job on Mai FM (NZ’s biggest urban radio station) and NZ music television.

A lifelong collector of vinyl and by this time having developed masterful skills on the turntabls Nicole saw few opportunities to practice her craft in her native NZ.  Few if any DJ’s made a living from their skills in New Zealand she realized if she was to follow her dream of being a DJ she would have to look outside of NZ.

Fast forward 1999 Nicole arrives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.   At that time Williamsburg was at the time going through a reinvention from a working class/ industrial neighborhood into a new art centric hipster place to be.  Nicole found herself waiting tables at a Relish Diner one of the new meeting places for the art gallery and film crowd. One day she approached the manager and offered to play for free to bolster the night crowd. The rest as they say is history.

Soon she found herself spinning for gallery openings and underground parties, including the car/film studio Fast Ashley’s where she entertained Harrison Ford.  As her reputation as a DJ grew she was soon landing many more lucrative gigs.  After a few months she was able to finally make a being a DJ her only gig.  DJ Nicole Leone has done events for The New Yorker Magazine, Ford Models, American Express (Platinum Amex), Superbowl 2005, Samsung, The W Hotels, Mercedes Benz, The Yale Club, The Plaza Hotel, The Mandarin Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, The Paramount Bar, CV Lounge, Club Exit,  Capitale, 1 Central Park Club, The Metropolitan Pavillion, Chinatown Brasserie, Manhatttan Centre, NY Life, Mercedes Shea Stadium, The Plaza, Food & Wine Magazine awards, Town & Country magazine awards, Sanctuary for Families Charity Event, The Spur Tree, Gallery Bar, a celebrity favorite, entertaining Derek Jeter, Kim Kardashian, Steve O, Bette Midler, Selita E Banks, and spinning alongside DJ Red Alert, DJ Premier, Lord Finesse, Grandmaster Roc Raida, Operator Emz, DJ Boogie Blind, The Beatnuts she has also spun with the legendary Cancer from Stone Love in Kingston, Jamaica.

Nowadays she is hailed as the “Rolls Royce” and the “Madonna” of DJ’s, as a single Mom (she DJ’d throughout her pregnancy – carrying record crates and all!) she balances her DJ lifestyle with healthy living and child rearing. She says “DJ’ing still really excites me, I love to perform and entertain, it comes so naturally, DJ’ing is my true passion, and music is the perfect medium for me to spread love!”


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